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This morning I mentioned to a bloke here at work, who I know plays the trombone, "I saw a £20 trombone on e-bay yesterday, but it didn't look very good".

He replied "I've got a £20 trombone for sale. I'll bring it in next week".

I don't know if he was being serious, or anything about the instrument, but if it plays, I'll have it. I'm sure I can't lose for £20.

Tom - you're the trombone player - what do you think?


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The 'bone player in my band plays with a load of plumbing that he has to physically hold together. Put it down and bits fall off it - and he sounds great. I would just about give him 20 quid for it.......

More to do with the player than instrument, I suspect.


About a year or so ago I went for the £30 delux ebay trombone (extra £10 made all the difference) ;} Its a 1921 Boosey and Co. Imperial. Its fantastic in the hands of someone who plays. The most interesting thing was reading the newspaper that lined the case, fasinating.

I think there was a fair amount of luck involved in that the slide is great with no wear and the few shallow dents in the outer slide dont effect the action at all. It could have been so different but for £30, who cares.

Jane and I are hoping to learn trombone together this year sometime when our band starts its next round of starter classes. So I'll have to look out for another Ebay super el-cheapo in September.


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The wonderful Griff, not only sorts out saxophones but is a whizz with brass, especially slides.

If you really want to impress like your sackbut player, either try to make the outer slide tubes touch or mention valve trombone.
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