Beginner Trinity Guildhall's Grade Exam (Jazz)? Any candidate comment?


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Hi all,

Firstly, I'm not sure whether I should post at this section. Please correct me if there is any other section that is more appropriate. Thanks a lot.

I have applied for the Grade 1 Jazz Saxophone exam in this Nov/Dec.
So, I would like to see if there is any person who has taken this exam before.
FYI, I live in Hong Kong and I will take the exam in Hong Kong.

I have some query in respect of the format and requirement in several parts of the exam. Yes, I understand that I should ask the Trinity Guildhall about these questions. I have asked them and waiting their reply. Yet, I appreciate if there is any input from the candidate.

For your reference, I play Tenor saxophone and I choose the following pieces :-
Group A: In Demand;
Group B: Off to the Billet!;
Group C: Study No. 7 from Basic Jazz Conception for Saxophone Vol.1.

For supporting test, I would like to take Sight Reading and Improvisation.

In relation to Group A piece, will the examiner tell you how many times to repeat the improvisation section or you can just simply assume to repeat one time only.

In respect of Sight Reading, I bought the book "Sound at Sight - Saxophone, Book 1, Grades 1-4", by James Rae and published by Trinity Guildhall". In Grade 1, examples 12, 15, 18 and 20, they state that I have to play in "swing" feeling. But then there is no quaver (eighth note) at all but only have crotchet (quarter note).

So, in order to play in "swing", can I change the quarter note to 2 eighth notes, so that I can swing the song? Or in your experience, for question involving "swing", there will be quavers in the question?
Or, maybe most importantly, is there a way to have swing feeling without quavers?

The dilemma for me is that for Grade 1 syllabus, there is only whole note, half note and quarter note. So, will the mark deducted if I change the quarter note to 2 eighth notes?

Thank you so much and I really appreciate your feedback. :)
Please feel free to ask me if any further information is required.

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