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Sheet Music tring to find sheet music for tenor sax


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Tring to find sheet for tenor sax. I'm looking for pop & rock. Been to music score, 8notes, sheet music plus, and a few others. Seems like theres not much out there for tenor sax, unlike alto, anyone know a good place to go? If not is there a easy to convert piano or other music to tenor. I am look to buy sheet music.
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Hi, loads of music out there for tenor sax,most music shops will have something for you,all the play along books you can get for tenor,and also petes Midnight in the naked city,which you can buy off this site has tenor sax parts.:)Bumnote


There does seem to be more choice of music available for alto than tenor, I don't know what level you are at? I have been playing for just under a year and came across Classic Rock Instrumental solos for Tenor sax by Alfred, I bought it from the book depository, it says level 2-3 but seems quite easy, will try and post a link tomorrow, also have Hal Leonards queen but that is fairly easy too. Pop / rock doesn't seem easy to find for tenor. I will watch this thread with interest!
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Hi billeroy,

If you want both the notes and the backing you could always do a quick search on

What I usually do when buying playalongs is buy them either for the Tenor or Alto and then enter the notes into MouseScore. (Actually I'm using NoteWorthy but that costs money and gives little more than MoseScore). Then you can easily translate the staffs to any key you see fit :)


Links as promised now I am in front of a PC (instead of iPad!):

Classic Rock:
* Don't Stop Believin' * Gimmie Some Lovin' * Go Your Own Way * Hotel California * In the Midnight Hour * Open Arms * Roundabout * (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction * Spirit in the Sky * Stairway to Heaven * Sunshine of Your Love

Another One Bites the Dust * Bicycle Race * Bohemian Rhapsody * Crazy Little Thing Called Love * Don't Stop Me Now * I Want It All * Killer Queen * Play the Game * Save Me * Somebody to Love * Under Pressure * We Are the Champions * We Will Rock You * You're My Best Friend.

Have found the Book Depository to be very competitively priced and quite quick - you could always search for Tenor Sax and see if anything floats your boat! Musicroom is a little more expensive but I usually read the reviews on there and hunt around to find it cheaper. Amazon is pretty good too :)
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As you are "looking to buy sheet music" for a Tenor Sax why not try Musicroom: which has a number of Tenor Sax music books.

What sort of music are you interested in playing, and what sort of level are you at - Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced? If you are able to narrow it down we could be of more help. There are a number of good online retailers with wide stocks of music for Bb Instruments.

I also like the "Creative Saxophone series" which uses the same music for Alto and Tenor sax, but with different accompanying CD's so you can play the same tunes on both.
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