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Reeds Tried some different reeds today!


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They were:
Alto: La Voz Soft, La Voz Hard, Plasticover 3 and 4.
Tenor: Vandoren V16 2, 3 and 4. Plasticover 1.5.

So lots of choice here as I wanted to experiment with reed strength as well as a new brand (I normally use Rico Jazz Selects 2M for both alto and tenor).

First I tried the alto reeds with Meyer 5M ebonite and Rovner dark ligature. In a nutshell, I found the La Voz Hard and the plasticover reeds were very loud and took a great deal of puff. They were too harsh for my liking and I struggled to get a good tone playing softly. I was much happier with the La Voz Soft. However none were as versatile as my RJSs and I found that relaxing my embouchure has cured my high F# problem (different thread). High and low notes, loud and soft, the RJS was (is) the reed of choice for me.

The tenor with Otto Link Tone Edge 6* and Rovner dark ligature was slightly different. The 1.5 plasticover was too soft. It hit all the notes easily but lacked any real oomph - felt a bit thin, if that makes sense. Also low Bb had a strange warble to it. Not so with the Vandorens. Again, the 3 and 4 were too hard for me and lacked any subtlety as I had to blow so hard. The V16 2 though was fantastic! A real woody sound and plenty of body throughout the whole range. So much so that I have ordered a dozen and will ditch my RJSs for the tenor.

Softer reeds really work for me, there is no benefit in me trying to be macho and play the harder ones, at least at the moment. Maybe later on down the line I'll give them another go.
Have you tried Javas on the tenor? Probably less "woody" and more bark, but for me they perform similarly to the V16 - and I use an STM 6 as well, not for gigging but for practice (it's a bit more dog/wife/neighbour friendly than the screaming beast of a Brancher that I use when in anger!)
Another suggestion

I use the Alexander Superial NY 2 reeds oin tenor with Link NY 5* mpc, really easy to control, not huge sound but canbe pushed hard if required. Also, have not yet had a duff reed from the box of 10 (first box though)
I also like the Marca Jazz 2 reeds- more edge and bite
Good fun trying however.
Expensive fun, though, unless you have some kind friends who'll send you their 'cast-offs' :).... I have to buy boxes rather than singles.

Well, anyone is welcome to my cast-offs. I'll give them a very good wash before I send them as they have all been played, albeit only once and I promise I haven't got blackwater fever or equivalent. Just cover the cost of the postage and a donation to Pete's charity.

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