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Saxophones Trevor James or Keilwerth??


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Paphos, Cyprus
Hi All

Im new to the sax, only been playing for 5-6 weeks on a loaned cheapie alto.

I am now looking to buy one for myself. I think I have narrowed it down to two, both of which I have tested at, and feel very comfortable with both. Does anyone have an opinion please?

The models are:-

Trevor James Revolution II or Kielworth Edtition

Both are in the same price bracket so I am really torn and cannot decide which way to jump!!

Any advice would be helpful


Bewildered Baz!!
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Hi Baz

Both are pretty similar, I think. Both reasonable student saxes, made in Taiwan. Both quite likely to serve you well enough for years to come. I guess it comes down to which one felt the best to play. If there really was no difference, use crude economics - go for the cheapest!

BTW, some people will say they don't like T James, some will say Keilwerth has quality control issues and some will say you should buy one of the new wave of cheaper (and very good) Chinese saxes, but my view is you should decide what feels right to you. As a new player, if you want a new sax from a company you can trust, I don't think either of the saxes you mention will disappoint.

Do you have access to a sax technician in Cyprus? It may well be whatever sax you buy would benefit from a few minutes tweaking, particularly if it's being air freighted to uyou.


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