Travel case for two Saxes


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Ive started making a case for my two Saxes. MY 1935 Conn alto, and a straight Blessings Soprano.

I intend to make a plastic case to house the two, the Sop facing the other way.

I've made a trial case out of an old sheet of flat galv iron.

I intend to make male moulds for both the top and Bottom which are the same outside shape, but with different shapes. I will get a plastics workshop to hot mould all the bits (top, bot, and sides) with their vacuum bag.
I intend to make the case with all the joints welded and cut out the lid with a small keyhole saw or similar.
This should make the strongest possible case.

I will also make moulds for the sides and get all the joints plastic welded as I want this to be very strong and waterproof.

Now comes the advice part....... I want some sort of clip system to seal the lid (several clips I think, similar to what's on most sax cases)

I've read in a previous post about the foam used for soft padding in sax cases (although have forgotten it's name, something like EFF Foam)

This Sax case is for travelling by bicycle (probably recumbent), does any one here have any experince attaching such or similar objects to bikes.

My ideal set up should come off easily, so I can take it off the bike to go busking, or could also be used still on the bike and therefore will need to be locked.

Any advice greatfully received

Cheers and Ciao


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i like that rustic look :D

your basic lockable clasp would be something like this.. you could use a couple and one of those retractable wire bike locks.. or

and then ones with integrated lock like on this violin case
something like this

fair few options on this page also
the "case locking catch" looks fancy


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Thanks Old Corollas.:welldone

All great links ...that oughta get me sorted, Yeah you've got a good eye,.......I also like that last sq lockable case lock. Probably need at least four?

Choice mate

Sugio & Arigatai

Cheers & Ciao


I wonder if another strategy would be to buy a larger tenor case ready to go and the gut theinterior and reline the case. I relined a sop case for my 1923 Buescher and it worked great. Someone had done the same before me and short sheeted the hinge side which made it almost impossible to get the horn out of the box.

Some of the memory foams really conform to the shapes after only a short time.... add some nice fabric and you areall set.

Seems like a ton of work to mold the case.

Just a thought,
Best wises and good luck


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G'day Jim,

Yes it is a ton of work, however I will get the two in the same size case as my Alto moulded flight case. I need it as small, light and strong as possible. It's a bit crazy to travel with two, by bike, but am shure will be well worth it.

The memory foams.....that's a new one to me, what are they called? Huh I guess I type "memory foam" into google EH!

Ah Yeah goggled it.....Memory foams are mattreses for sleeping on......I think I need something smaller and more dense,

Thanks anyway & Merry Christmas

cheers & ciao


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They line up-maket ski boots with memory foam, seems to be heat sensitive. not sure what it's called. But it's firm and resilient.
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