Toy & Spider Atlas - instruments my girlfriend built


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This isn't exactly "your" (i.e. my) clip, but videos of some instruments that my girlfriend built and play.

The first is Toy, an instrument made from an iron chimney. The base/holder is partly made from scratch and partly made from a carousel base and a ceiling fan base.

The second is an older project/instrument called Spider Atlas. This in the city center, where they stretched strings (spring steel wires) between trees and buildings, amplified by pickups.

There is also a partial video from a concert of her playing another instrument she built called Stringed. This one has similar strings stretched around a big room, but without pickups or amplification. There are a couple of cellos that act as resonance chambers and a very long iron pipe that is the soul.

Warning: In the beginning of the first video of Toy there is a nude photo from the cover of the brochure.


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Welcome. Going to be interesting to see how this goes down. Should be a lot of appreciation, methinks!


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