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Beginner tones and semitones help


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hi all i am trying to work out some theory. Ok imagine a keyboard on middle C would i be right in this.

c# Db, E, F, f#gb, G# Ab,A# Bb,C# Db, D#eb. And does that meaneg a G# is the same as Ab???

Now i have to say the higher note eg[ A, nat and A# =the A# is the higher note??] any help would be great many thanks. Tom.
Try this

Should help you.
If you left click on image, it will enlarge.
At least, I hope it does?:)
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All the keys on a keyboard are a semitone apart. (Don't forget the black notes). Flattening a note moves one position (key) left, sharpening it moves one position right. So going one step furhter than your example above E# is F. And Fb is E.
Things like A# and Bb are called "enharmonics" of each other. LIkewise Kev's example of E# is F (which does come up from time to time). Strictly speaking and going by the laws of physics they are not exactly the same but musicians adopt what is known as equal temperament to save worrying about it.

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