tonemaster tenor mouth piece for sale


Dont know what this is.Its a stainless steel m/p for tenor just says tonemaster with no other markings and it is old. It is probably an Otto Link and worth a stack of money. It sounds really thirties please offer me some money for it.
If interested phone me on landline 01785602095 i am nearly blind and cannot use the laptop as well as i use to.

Jane M L

Newcastle Emlyn, Ceredigion
:)Here's a link to a small video from Mark Stohrer the repairman where he carefully looks over a vintage Otto Link not quite like yours -

And here's a comparison of 4 vintage tonemaster mc's compared with themselves and with 4 modern equivalents -

I hope this is of help to as I imagine that googling could be quite difficult if your sight is failing. Hopefully you have someone to help with sussing the actual date and quality of what has got to be a valuable mouthpiece. I've just been blown away by 2 Conn vintage hard rubber pieces for my 60's Beaugnier Vito alto - they are so easy blowing and suit this alto beautifully - and think some vintage tenor player could get quite a surprise from the tonemaster. And maybe pay loadsa money..:)


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