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Tommy Smith is a long time favorite of mine. A special talent he recorded his first album, Giant Strides, at the age of sixteen, signing for Blue Note at twenty-two. Tommy plays mainly tenor and some sop.

A particular fav of mine is Ally the Walligator.

If you find you like his music, check out the free sheet music.

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I saw him live last year at the London Jazz Festival with Arild Andersen and Paolo Vinnaccia - technically brilliant but just too noisy for such a small venue.

I first heard of him in 1988 when I bought his album "Step by Step", but got into Andy Sheppard moreso, and then Jan Garbarek - the rest is history!:cool:

Keep on trucking
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Tommy Smith is a great player and I've seen him a few times live over the years.

My favourite track of his playing is the beautiful "The Peacocks" on Clark Tracey's eclectic album "Stability". Absolutely world class playing.

I also really like Tommy Smith's album "Gymnopedie" where he plays various classical and classical-influenced tunes by Satie, Bartok, Gireg, Chick Corea and two sonatas of his own. The piano playing of Murry McLachlan is great too.

Tommy Smith is a monster player.Great idea's also and love his stuff on poem's .Beasts of Scotland is amazing.He has 1 on the beast sound's in the world for me.Seen him when he had Joe Lovano in his band so i was a very happy boy,love Lovano also.Now he's a tenor titan.
Just love his renditions of Ally the Walligator and El Ninio, the latter from Blue Smith. In fact, this just jogged me to listen to that track again over a coffee! Back to work, alas................
Just found this YouTube clip of him playing The Peacocks - lovely:
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