To all you jazzer's.


A little story that all you jazz lover's might be interested in. Way back in 1987 i think it was, me and my dad went to see a jazz saxophonist at a large hotel near Stockport. The Mark Gillbank Big Band were the house band, we took our seat's at a table and waited in anticipation as the band set up. The band started up with some great number's, and in walked a coloured gentleman with white hair who placed his tenor sax on a stand near the band and went to the bar.When he had his drink he walked over to our table and said, Would you two gent's mind if i join you until it's my turn to play. The man was Teddy Edward's no less, and for about 25 minute's he told us about his times with Bird, how great friend's they used to be, and how they used to play together.He reckoned Bird was still the best he'd ever heard.He also told me he made two album's with the late great Jimmy Smith, the Hammond Organ man, he wrote the title's down for me plus his autograph which i might still have somewhere. He then told us how someone in a hill billy town he was playing in pinched the neck off his tenor, not the sax just the neck! What a night, what a Gentleman. P.S. He loved his Brandy.


Thanks for the story.
I relish any opportunity I have to sit and listen to guys who have "been there." Some of my most memorable "listening" visits have been with Jimmy Heath, Rufus Reid, Marshal Royal! (former lead alto/MD of Basie band), Liebman, Jim McNeeley (over drinks), John Riley, Mintzer (over Thai food) Claudio Roditi (in a hot tub), and Conrad Herwig.

This is truly the oral (aural?) tradition.

~ Rick
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