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SOLD TJ Revolution II Soprano

Il Padrino

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Happy new year to one and all!

As you will see, the soprano is in great condition cosmetically, but I also guarantee that it is in perfect condition playing wise. No work at all is needed - pads all excellent as you'll see via photos too. It has been serviced by Stephen Howard in latter part of 2019 to - late Sep/early Oct, and has only been used a few times since. It comes with straight and curved crooks and a good case, plus a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece if sold via the Yard here. (It will also be advertised elsewhere but with a generic mouthpiece).

This sax as a little history with the forum... For it used to be belong to Jeanette! I sold her my Yamaha YSS62 a few years ago now and took this in part payment as I loved it so much. It's still a great horn - naturally warm, with excellent action (made even better by Steve Howard). However, it can play to any style depending on mouthpiece/reed combination. I also used it on my own album (as a producer/arranger rather than solely as a saxophonist) released in May last year. Check out for all details, if you like soul/jazz/funk.... Track 5, Give Me The Night - I play the sop on the intro, second chorus onward, brief solo after the 2nd chorus, and on the bridge into the outro....

Listen here on YouTube

You're more than welcome to try her out in person in a sound proofed studio - where the album was recorded.

Price includes Shipping in the UK. If buying person, please remove £15 from the total cost.

Any questions, please fire away.

Full photos here - TJ Revolution II Soprano Sax

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