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M/Pieces - Ligs tip opening on mouthpiece for tenor


east yorks
hello all, could you give me a heads up plz, i use a rico royal 7 on alto should i be using the same on tenor or a larger or smaller tip opening would be great help if you pros could let me know many thanks.


Hobart, Tasmania
It depends what you want to play style wise. A 7 tip opening is fairly middle of the road for popular music and jazz, but if you are heading off to the local community concert band you would probably be better off with about a 3 opening and a harder reed.


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In general stick to similar sizes on all your saxes. In most ranges the tenor 7 is wider than the alto so that it plays the same as the alto 7. However you should think of this as a starting point and be prepared to use different reeds if necessary.

Also don't forget that tip openings aren't the same across makers, and that the facing curve differs as well, affecting how easy it is to play a tip of that size.

Colin the Bear

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I found these useful for comparing.

From my limited experience I would say a similar set up is a good starting point when taking up a different saxophone. That should get you going and you can move on and develop from there. My go to piece is the Selmer S80 in a C*. I use french filed (rico royal or vandoren Blue) and go up half a step or so for each increase in saxophone size. This may or may not work for you and a little experimentation with reeds may be needed.

They are all very different animals and it may take some time to get comfortable on tenor after playing alto.

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