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Tico Pio


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Some interesting ideas going on Wade, you did seem to have the nino under control, plus sounding good, for most of the track.
Did like the Cha cha cha ending:blush::)))..


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I enjoyed the spoken word at the end. Always an interesting modulation....The piece does have it's signature tone, rhythm and concept.


Wade Cornell

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The mouthpiece used is a HR Yani that has been modified by Joe of Soprano Planet. I also have a cheap plastic mouthpiece that I modified myself and it plays surprisingly well. I don't know if other nino players have noticed this, but I find that mouthpieces and reeds become less of a problem with the higher pitched instruments. It gets easier rather than harder. The reed used was a 2 1/2 fibracell Bb clarinet reed that had the shank cut down. I also use Vandoren nino 2 or 3 cane reeds that all seem good out of the box. This is why I say that these issues become less problematic. On Tenor I notice very slight differences in reed strength and mouthpiece and less so with each higher instrument. Again, not sure if this is just me and the gear I'm using, but I guess it would make sense from a standpoint of longer reeds and facings with much more that can be wrong compared to shorter reeds and facings.

There are some surprisingly good ninos available from China. This instrument is a Yani, which as some intonation issues (I'm used to it), whereas I have a Chinese $500 horn (it's kept in my other house in Australia) that has no intonation problems. Tone isn't quite as good, but hey, it's a $500 horn, new, not a $3000 horn. The mouthpiece I use on that horn is an older Selmer and it's also very good.

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