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A quiet endorsement, prompted by what happened this week.

I've been using them for ages, reeds, strings, ligs - nothing really big. Everything always arrived reasonably quickly, no problems. Pretty uneventful online purchasing. All brand name stuff so far, s no real worries about quality.

I spotted a cheap, short scale bass guitar + amp as a starter kit. Our youngest has been wanting one for ages, and after dicussing with the boss, we decided to get one for him. We have a legally enforced returns right so no real risk to us if it was a pile of junk.

It arrived, looked good, but had a problem... there was a terrible buzz on the bass string. Didn't sound too bad, overall, but nothing special. The buzz didn't sound through the amp, but was really irritating to the player. Good enough until he grows into a full size one we thought - so long as the buzz is fixed. Quick phone call to customer support and 2 things came out - they had no idea what could be wrong, but were helpful and suggested a new string, if that didn't work, they'd change the instrument. I was sceptical, but what could I do? They had to have a chance... Two days later a complete set of strings arrived.... So I thought that's good, some spares. I put the new bass on and tuned it. Sounded great. So great that the other three new ones had to go on and the three remaining originals in the bin. Problem solved. No buzz. Sceptical me had to admit to being wrong. Neck was straight and didn't need adjusting. It wasn't in tune over the whole scale, so after some web searching, I set to adjusting the bridge. This was badly set up - whoever had done it, had adjusted it by eye till it looked good. But got the height adjustment wrong and the scale length wrong. An hour's work with a tuner and it was good to go.

Fittings are decidedly economy, but they do the job.

To cut a long story short, he now has a nice sounding short scale bass, an amp that's loud enough to keep him happy (for now), but is quiet enough not to annoy his parents or the neighbours. And all for less than 100 euros.... Plus another 20 or so for a gig bag. The rent on his double bass is 30 per month, so this should pay for itself very quickly. My wife (who plays classical guitar) can't believe how good it is for the money. Just be prepared to do a set up - or pay as much as the guitar for a professional set up.
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