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Doesn't time fly past when you're having fun!!:D A little over 8 months into my playing and it feels like only yesterday.:shocked: Any way this months tune is " Cry Me A River" just twice through with me trying a new melody/improv second time round.;}

Thanks for listening:thumb:

Well done! :thumb: this is very good for 8 months - did you play another instrument before? :)
Yes, Chris, very good ..... as others have said, remarkably so, after so little expereience!

May I respectfully suggest that you look at YouTube's version of this, sung by Julie London, and note the phrasing ...especially the way she 'hangs on' to, for example, that first "Noooow", and the expressive pauses.
I think that having the lyrics in one's head, and the way they are sung by one of the best, can help with making the whole thing even more 'expressive'.

IMO, Julie's version, and Keely Smith's(can't find that one), set the standard for this lovely song ....I think they make Diana Krall's and, even more so, a young Barbra Streisand's, sound very 'lame'.
Thanks to both of you for the comments:thumb: and to you Artlady I played around with the guitar for a good few years before picking up the sax in Jan this year.
@Roger thanks for the kind words, what you say is very true, also one of the things I am working on, I tend to make long notes too short;} or hang toooo long and spoil the phrases;}

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Hi Chris. Great progress. I can see you, tux, brylcream, leading the combo at the tea dance. Yeah, those were the days. Sympathise with your phrasing probs. I find the time that I overcome these best is when I completely relax. Not always poss when you having a worry about fingers, tone, reading, etc.
Hey Mike thanks for the comments, yes I know multi-tasking isn't one of my strong points(haha) ask Mrs Chris. Add to what you said the fact I am trying to record as well and need I say any more..

Fantastic Chris, I think you are improving with every recording you do. Your timing is so much better in this one. Personally, I quite like the way you phrased this piece! In fact, I'm going to listen to it again!

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