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Theme for Ernie Take 2

I think you have found the problem there Chris, this version is much improved. There are, as you've rightly said, some issues with your timing. I wonder if playing along to CP's version would help you to get it under your belt? I know that would work for me, but then we're all so very different, aren't we! Your tone and intonation are still good however I think my critique of your first piece may have knocked your confidence, sorry for that but you don't sound as "bold" on this one?
Bring back that fighting spirit, you know you can!
Hi Chris,
I listened to the original one and have to confess that I was concentrating on your playing rather than the backing track, so didn't pick up on the discrepancy (and in my defence its not a tune I'm familiar with!) This one is definitely more pleasing to the ear - as Taz suggests, would benefit from a little more ooomph, but lovely intonation:welldone
Taz don't worry about it. It's down to inconsistances in my playing rather than confidence. I would rather you call it as it is, as I should learn better that way.I picked up a new mic this afternoon. So I might try another recording with it.
Pyrografix thanks for the comments, that last recording did sound a little bit off:))):))).



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