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The sound I want to get


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Hello, I am a bit out of practise but I have played a lot of tenor sax in the past. The best sound I have got was classical. I have a Selmer Mk 7 tenor and a Selmer c* mouthpiece for the classical and I have an ebonit Otto Link mouthpiece for jazz playing.
I am getting into practise again now and I want to try to get a blues, soul kind of fuzzy mo town sax sound.
Does anyone know if there is a mouthpeice that may help me towards achieving this?




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I have a Runyon Quantum that I find amazingly versatile! If I want soft and mellow, I've got it. If I want raunchy and dirty, I've got that too, in fact I think its a superb mouthpiece that just seems to fit my needs.


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+1 for the Quantum. I had a metal one for a while and it is versatile, with a removeable spoiler if you want to fire it up a bit. Excellent mouthpiece - Taz knows!


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Hi Timoty.
All the mentioned mouthpieces are good. You need to try as many as you can. Since you play a Selmer C* I am not sure what will work for you.
On the hard end I would put a Dukoff or derivate (ie guardala studio) on the soft end, a Berg Larsen (I still prefer rubber).

If you are on the right side of the pond, a PPT is probably the most versatile.

Pillinger mouthpieces are my personal favourites, they come in many more models than listed on their website, but I have a sort of mystical bias towards them.


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Welcome to CS.

Try many differnt mouthpieces. A mouthpiece with high baffle helps up to play the the high tones (with power) on the sax. But you should keep in mind that the mouthpiece is just doing what you want it to do. Is you that that decide. A classical mpc (big chamber, no baffle) can work in blues, soul, funk, jazz and a so called rocksax mpc like Dukoff D-chamber can be uses in classic or jazz.

The best mouthpiece for me is a Rovner Deep-V, D40 (with baffle). They are out of production. I hope they will come back!!

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