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The Sheik of Araby


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Played this tonight. It's kind of cheesy, novelty arrangement. My solo starts at about 3:30. I lose it a bit near the end but otherwise I'm quite pleased with it. Feel free to disagree!
I think the band leader's right arm expresses his reaction very nicely to the keyboard player's entry after the count-in. Poor video quality I'm afraid but the sound's not too bad.

Link deleted.
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Nice One Martin. Far more fun than the City band I played in.
Sorry, everyone, I've been asked to take this off YouTube.:(
Pity, I really enjoyed it. But you have to respect his, and the other band members wishes!
Blimey that's a bit of a strong reaction! People have put clips up of me playing without my permission - I wouldn't dream of asking anyone to take it down?! :shocked:
I must admit it's a bit frustrating when you've done something you're quite proud of, but what can you do?
Find another band? >:) (sorry couldn't resist ;})

I know where you're coming from, but I've only just found this one, and it's a big step up in playing standard from my other band. The long-term plan is to play in (or even form) a band where I'm not paying to play in it, maybe even vice versa. But I'm not ready for that just yet, and don't yet have the contacts.
I don't know, but the band leader was NOT happy at the idea of this stuff going on YT. Hope he doesn't read this forum.:eek:

What goes Public is Public? Much fame has been found on You tube. Ho well nothing stranger than folk. :confused:

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