The recession is all down to Stan Getz!


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My teacher, a great SG fan, told me that Alan Greenspan was, in his yoof, a bit of a clarinet and sax player, with aspirations to being a pro....he went to the Juilliard School. However, he heard SG playing ...they were at school together...and realised that his talents were comparitively inadequate and that his true calling lay in other directions.
So he became an economist..... :D
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Let me get this right. So Stan Getz became an economist. I always thought the Four Brothers band had an inflated woodwind section. What with all those saxes and Woody's calinet. They must have cornered the market in reeds and pushed the price up.

"Hmm, Julliard. Good school". Anyone place the quote?

Off out for the day before the howls of "idiot" an "get off" descend on me.

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So what have you got against calinets, Roger? I predict calinets will become very popular and calinet makers will become very rich.

Care to invest in CaSLM Calinets and Hedge Funds? Send cash in used notes only. Pm me for my Nigerian url. PayPal accepted and 5% to Pete.
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