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So it all started when I picked up a sax again 5-6 weeks ago, for the first time in 3 years. Instantly hooked and addicted again! I can not believe I let university get in the way of the saxophone. Then last sunday I got to play a £2000 saxophone at church, a selmer reference (I don't know which one). Well it was a dream to play, so comfortable and easy to play, though my sound was still the same.

After that I started considering upgrades as I never did upgrade from my first sax, even when I was working towards grade 8. What I have realised is that I can not afford an alto upgrade, as there is no point in me upgrading unless I spend close to a grand, but I have also realised there is something missing in my sax life, a tenor saxophone! I have allways wanted one and even more so I have fallen in love with the sound since returning, even better geting an entry level tenor is affordable and I will remember that I still have so far to go on my sound that me and my mouthpiece is more important than a £2000 sax.

Working for a charity means I am pretty poor as I live of donations that are sporadic, so first saxophone that popped up after extensive research in forums was the Venus saxophones, only £220 for a tenor, still not that great though even if it is better than saxes that come with white gloves. Next I just lost out on ebay to a Martin "Indiana" that was in working order :(.

Well having been thinking, I might be able to scrape together enough with b-day money and family loans to get either a walstein or hanson ST5. Initial thoughts of mine :

Bahaus Walstein : £470 (Phosphur Bronze) £400 (Brass)
The cheaper of the two
Will need to buy a mouthpiece and being cheaper means something like an otto link
I prefer look of phosphur bronze to cheaper gold saxophones

Hanson ST5 : £590 (Only one finish, standard golden sax)
5 Years of warrnaty and repair! :w00t:
Good tech and local english dealer
ESM 4c equivalent means no initial mouthpiece upgrade but probably quite soon

Any way I hope the collective wisdom of this forum and people that have played either or both of these can tell me more about them both and if the hanson is better, by how much. Do I expect much difference between the brass and bronze walstein other than weight?
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I have a Walstein Bronze and I think that it's teriffic. I use a Yamaha 5C mouthpiece and standard Rico 2.5 reeds. At some point I will experiment with different reeds once my my box of 10 is used up and I plan to upgrade the mouthpiece when I find time. Pete has done a tenor comparison that includes the Walstein (see earlier post) and if you can tell a sigificant difference between any of them, including the expensive ones, then I would be surprised. It is less about the equipment and more about how you play it. IMO go for the Walstein and if you really must, pay an extra few quid for a quality mouthpiece; you'll still get change out of £550.
That is exactly what I plan to do if I get a walstein, probably an Otto Link.

I agree with you on equipment, until I have found my sound there is no need to spend too much money as really its all about making it easier to produce your sound once you've found it.

For what it's worth (and my opinion ain't worth much :) ) I play a Phos Bronze Walstein Tenor with a Otto Link Super Tone Master (Metal) #6 mpc. I think it's the best thing I've ever played (bear in mind I've played about 6 horns in total!)

I love it. No complaints whatsoever, I've heard good things about the Hansons Horns too, just never played one so can't comment.



That is exactly what I plan to do if I get a walstein, probably an Otto Link.

I agree with you on equipment, until I have found my sound there is no need to spend too much money as really its all about making it easier to produce your sound once you've found it.
The Bauhaus Walstein's are fantastic for the money.I got an Alto and Soprano and they do me my need's to a t .Thing's have come along way on in the Saxophone world and these are cracking value,great tuning and a solid build.You cant go wrong with these horn's.
Thankyou for the replies, and sorry I have not responded all week, I was away at a conference. I am certainly leaning towards the walstein as it seems to be tried by so many an approved of, though I am still waiting for some money owed me before I can make the purchase.
Why don't you hire/buy a sax from sax.co.uk

I have a Sakkusu and my wife has a Trevor James and I would recommend either of them.

I hired my tenor for about £120 for the first three months then paid it off monthly 0%

Well to be honest, the way my income comes in is not very regular and so most of the time if I can say I can afford it over time then I can afford it now. Due to some very fortunate circumstancessinc my previous post an hour ago, I will be recieving the money this week and more than expected.

So I thought it would be interesting to entertain some thoughts on saxophones if my budget was at a £1000 max that I cannot exceed in any way. Though I have so far failed see a sax that looks worthwhile in this increased price range. It seems that the <500 walstein is best value for money until a £1500-2000 can be purchased.

It seems my gut reaction and the sensible one is to just stick with the budghet one and use the extra if needed for set up, maybe getting my aging alto a good service, or if I was feeling extravagent use it to buy a soprano at the same time.
Well I went with the sensible option and saved the extra money so I ordered the walstein. They run a quick service at woodwind and brass as it arrived this morning!

My first impressions, well it was bigger than I thought, having never held a tenor before I was suprised with its size and the case, I don't know how any one managed to get this as hand luggage on flights before!

I am not sure how much the stuffy sound was the cheap mouthpiece that came with it or my newness to tenor but I am still waiting for my Jody Jazz HR* mouthpiece to arrive so will find out tomorrow I hope. It felt a lot nicer to play than I expected in regards to the keywork and action, just need to get my left hand pinky used to stretching a little.

Next, longtones, longtones, longtones....

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