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The magic of that nice Mr. Thomas.

old git

Tremendous Bore
The courier delivered the WX7 yesterday morning but had to carry out a needed cash raid on Addiscombe Post Office.

Just after lunch, actually read the manual. Didn't understand parts of it but hooked up GarageBand where Mr. Thomas's samples are stored and got down to it. Know that in a rough gig, would prefer to have the Akai with me as it is a better club without plastic keys to break off. Found the Yam nice to play with only three key options, Bb, Eb and C whereas the Akai will transpose anything and gliss eight octaves. Can't do that on my tenor.

Now for the magic bit, all down to that nice Mr Thomas, Only partially a direct result of finishing with my usual "God save the Queen", swing style, the Murray mint won a Grand Slam.

Blessings be upon you, Pete.

Greg Strange

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Matthew Kelly:- "Tonight Bill who are you going to be?"

Old Git:- "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Pete Thomas playing my plastic synthy saxy thingamajig!"


Greg S.
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