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The Lost Songs....



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I'm sure many, or at least some of you, have music that you've recorded that you may, or may not of, remembered you had. Yesterday I took out my cassette tape collection of yesteryear and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. The quality is naturally compromised as a result of cassette tape documentation. I cleaned them up as best I could.

This is merely a sharing process and naturally no one has to respond to any of them. Just click on my signature.
It's on the bottom of my 4th page starting with...'Silver Lining'........I uploaded 9 pieces.
Make note....These are 'non-saxophone' compositions.......

Enjoy your musical endeavors....
Wade Cornell

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
That's quite a catalogue! For others: the lost songs are on the last page at the end. Have listened to some (not all yet) and thoroughly enjoyed, but must admit to my own prejudice of not appreciating vocals and preferring just instrumentals.

This is especially interesting for me as I have heard most of the others on this web site and can now hear this earlier work and where/how you have progressed.

Thanks Mike. For others, If you have a few days spare (ha!) give Mikes page(s) as listen. He is a unique talent and amazing composer.

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