The Heebie-G-bies


Old Indian
Half way up a hill
I've got the Heebie-G-bies

I've been playing a long time now and am well used to playing in guitar player keys.
i.e. on tenor C#, D, E, F#, G#, A and B, major, minor and 7's etc.

This weekend I've got two gigs, at both I'm the guest horn player.
This afternoon I received the set lists for both gigs.
For the Saturday gig all the numbers are in G, they even want me to do the harp part for Piano Man.
It's played on a C harp but it's also in G.
The Sunday gig I'm only hired to do a couple of numbers.
On the one, only the horn parts - in G of course :doh:
and the second number the horn parts plus a 32 bar solo vamp in you guessed it G. :cool:

Can anyone explain, is their something astro-nomical or astro-logical going on ?
Will the universe be vibrating in G this weekend?

What will happen if I stick in a few be-bopper notes, will I get bad karma?
It's a kewl key to play in but this has never happened to me before.
Oh Gee - I am a little bit worried.
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