The Four Brothers...Together Again!


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Just obtained this album. Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Herb Steward & Serge Chaloff plus a rhythm section.

Marvellous stuff - so tight.
I'll endorse that. I've got that as part of a four album/two CD set of Zoot Sims, called Four Classic Albums. The "Together Again" rhythm section is driven along by Don Lamond who was the drummer in Herman's original Four Brothers Herd. The other albums in the set are From A-Z with Al Cohn; Zoot - The Zoot Sims Quartet; and Whooeeee with Bob Brookmeyer. The latter album also has the great papa Jo Jones on drums. On the quartet album Zoot plays alto on one number (pretty unusually I think - I saw him live a couple of times and he always stuck to tenor) . The two CD set is available on the Avid Jazz label. Highly recommended!
Yes indeed, there is his lovely soprano work. One of my favourite Zoot albums is Basie and Zoot, on Pablo in 1975, with John Heard and Louis Bellson. I believe the pairing was one of Norman Granz's ideas. It's probably available on cd but I've still got the original vinyl!
BTW Al Cohn wasn't on the original Four Brothers recording, but Stan Getz was. Al Cohn joined Herman when Herbie Steward left in 1948.
Oh, well, I should get that album! I've always loved that "Four Brothers" feel.
A few months ago, I went to see a sax quartet that sort of emulated that feel. The members being Eric Alexander, Grant Stewart, Harry Allen and Gary Smulyan :)

As for Zoot on alto, there's an excellent album, Zoot Sims plays tenor & 4 altos where he (obviously) plays alto, and actually overdubs himself on several tracks.
No, although Jimmy Giuffre was in the 4 tenor sax line up in a band in LA with Sims, Steward and Getz that gave Woody Herman the idea for a three tenor, one bari line up. Jimmy Giuffre composed the Four Brothers theme and arranged that and others for Herman but he didn't play in the band - or at least record with it - until Getz left, in '49 I think.

As well as the three tenor, one bari line up, the band had altoist Sam Marowitz as well, although he doesn't figure on the Four Brothers track or it's soloists As Woody Herman could play alto as well as clarinet it had a very flexible reed line up.
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