The Forum needs a little support!

Pete Thomas

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McLean, Virginia
You may have noticed the Facebook "Like" thingies at the top of threads. etc. If you have a facebook account, please click on these as much as possible when appropriate. Helps spread the word.

This would also be especially good for Taz's video vote.


A while back I asked for those of you with websites (especially when the URL is in your signature), to reciprocate by adding a link here on your site. Thanks to those who have done this already.

But we still need more links in, it all helps in to getting good positions in Google, which means more page views, which means more advertising revenue to help the fundraising.

Links to cafesaxophone.com or tamingthesaxophone.com are all good, either to the home page or specific pages/threads.

Especially those of you with commercial sites!

You are benefitting from the publicity, please link back here. Thanks!
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