The Cafe Trio Grown to Octet

Title changed to Octet as we have now found another sop player to join us :)

We had a good session yesterday though were missing @chadders and @nickh hopefully we will all make it in March. I need to play longer at home as my embouchure was very tired towards the end yesterday.

I marvel at your efficiency!
See you all at the next session
Are any of you attending the ensembles Playday at Aintree in 2 weeks?
I have acquired a reputation for providing music with 'interesting' time signatures such as 4/2 and 3/2. Nothing like being asked to count in minims instead of crotchets (half notes instead of quarter notes).

In orchestra last night, we sight read the Brahms Serenade #1 in D, first movement. The challenge here is it's in 2/2 but in one section the cellos are playing triplet minims on beat 3 tied to beat 1 of next bar then a triplet minim rest...
Had a great playing session today, @Tenor Viol worked us hard playing a variety of pieces.

I have a new even deeper respect for conductors after today. My embouchure gave up so I conducted our last tune!!!

Might stick to cream teas which went down very well :)

I got stuck in traffic on the way... I didn't get one... :confused2:
Yeah, by the time I’d sorted the music at the end of the first session.... the tin was empty...
There were only 4 of us for our monthly meet today but we had SATB and played some old stuff pretty well and tried some not so well known tunes.

So different to playing with 7 or 8 and a real opportunity to hear what everyone else is playing.

Really enjoyed it, thanks guys :)

But we are louder and prouder when we are together.:yess:
Just need more tea and cake.
I dished out a lot of sight reading yesterday, much of it in 4/2... We looked at one of @nigeld arrangements - the Parsons' Ave Maria and the madrigal 'April is in my mistress' face'.

You may ask why I get people to play some renaissance polyphony in a sax group? Well, apart from liking some of the music... there are some good pedagogic reasons. Unlike 'modern' music which is mostly a tune with accompaniment, polyphony means that each line is independent and 'vertical' harmonic alignments are infrequent and less obvious: in other words counting to get accurate rhythm, and listening to what's going on around you, are very important!
We do 'normal' stuff as well...

The guys did very well.

The challenge I find is finding music for SATB that's accessible.
The challenge for @Tenor Viol is getting me to play the correct tune :eek: in fact it's even harder getting me to play from the correct page:blush:

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