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The Cafe Trio grown to Octet down to Sextet

Had a great start to the New Year with the Café Octet, though we missed @Tenor Viol , @chadders did a great job as stand in conductor today. We had some new music from @Farouk Over the rainbow and Dancing in the Moonlight. Then Chadders gave us Bach - Bourree to maintain Ron's standards followed by our own @Pete Thomas arrangement of Liberty Bell.

We played some old favourites and some of us realised we are not playing nearly enough at home as our embouchures tired. Tea cake and biscuits helped. :)

I can't believe the original trio have been playing together since Feb 2015. We have seen a lot of members come and go from our little group and had guest members from the café join us from time to time. The priority has been to keep it fun and we have all learnt a lot about playing together.

I really can't recommend highly enough that you start a group to play with if you can't find one to join. Octet works well for us now but we had times with fewer members.

Looking forward to another good year of playing. :)

With the removal men arriving today for my house move later this week, I was unable to be at the meet yesterday. I can't remember exactly when @trimmy, @Jeanette, and I met here as a trio, but I think it was 2016. It became a monthly meet and the group has varied in size with various members, but most recently has been an octet (SSAATTBB). Once we got to being a quartet/quintet we moved to the current venue near Manchester airport - it's equally inconvenient for everyone except Jeanette!

Somehow I did a lot of leading and conducting (loosely speaking...) with support from @chadders.

With the distances involved once I've moved, it's not going to be possible to attend other than very occasionally.

The group has come on a lot and is unrecognisable from when it started out.

I wish everyone well for the future progress of the group.
Had a very pleasant afternoon in the company of @Jeanette @tenorviol at Ron's abode (thanks for the hospitality)
The three of us got together to try and improve our playing in a small group, i have issues with reading/timing and this is a good way to try and improve on both issues.
We started off very shaky but gradually grew into it, towards the end sounding a lot better. Our best effort being 'Groovy kind of Love' which i have to say Jeanette's reading and playing was very good.
No pressure guys but we could aim to play this tune at the cafe meet :eek:
Enjoyable 3 hours of playing :thumb:

Thanks Ron, Jeanette :)
Feb 2015 was first meet when @trimmy started this thread :)

Can't believe how long ago and so many membership changes. Pretty settled now I think :)

We had our Christmas special meet-up yesterday and it was a good one! @Jeanette @Vetinari @trimmy and I met up early afternoon to run through a bunch of Carols and Christmas songs. The four of us had played through these in our November meet so it was an easy ride :D. We have a "Christmas Selection box" of 16 songs arranged for SATB which we played through. It sounded really good, I thought! We also sight read :)eek:!! a SATB arrangement of "I wish it could be Christmas every day". Perhaps that's not quite performance-ready yet but we made a fair attempt at it :cool:.

We then moved on to the pub to meet up with @Tenor Viol and @Farouk for our annual Christmas feast. @Tenor Viol braved the long train journey from Penrith to Cheadle Hulme successfully despite the dreaded Sunday train service. - It was great to all meet up - We had a lovely meal in good company. We did miss @Royston & @nickh though

Next meet up in January....

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