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That stoat again.


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The Millenium Falcon
Just installed Snow Leopard and the 'stoat' appears to be in a cold precipitation drift.

I'm sure it is a Pine Marten?

Oh how is Snow Leopard. I haven't bought it yet - will probably go for it next week some time. Do tell all.


London, UK
Learning to love the Leopard

I am currently using an old Mac. I am not sure if there's an animal assigned to my version of OS X. I am only slightly envious of people whose operating systems allow them to actually use hotmail or the BBC website. Ever so slightly.......and a little bit green around the gills. But the stoat looks fine from where I'm sitting

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10.3 is Panther, 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard and 10.6 Snow Leopard. When OS 11 is launched, it will be named after the weasel family. ;}

Takes 45 minutes to update from Leopard but quite like it. The only problem is the need to put Snowy in the freezer for twenty-three hours and feed with Cumbrian Bogarts before stuffing it in Combo slot. This is necessary as they are creatures of the snow and are very irritable when hot. The main advice is do not let the RSPCA or any animal lover witness your stuffing.

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