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Thanks to the communty, and advice to beginners


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I can play the saxophone.

Now, that might sound a strange statement to make on a forum full of sax players. Also, I will rather hurriedly add, I don’t play very well. My tone isn’t great, my timing pretty poor and my improvisation is little more than some random notes that vaguely fit the piece.

Nevertheless, the tune is kinda recognisable, and (hopefully) not too painful to listen to.

My Point, amongst all this rambling, is that I have reached this after several years of owning, but not being able to play (ok, it spent most of that time in the attic). The difference is almost totally down to the help and encouragement I have received from this community. Specifically the Ballad of the Month and Song of the Month threads and the people of all levels there who have offered advice, encouragement and guidance.

If you are a beginner, then I can’t recommend a more effective way in which to learn. Before I ventured over there, I always assumed that these sections were for the more advanced players demonstrating their talent, and perhaps something to look at in a few years; but I could not have been any more wrong. My first postings there were not complete songs even, they were just the first few lines of the melody. Over the next couple of months I progressed to whole songs, then finally some attempt of a solo (yeah, I’m still attempting). Basically it’s like a set piece of coursework for the month, complete with all the materials you need, and others working with you and offering advice.

In addition to my own playing, I’ve also had the pleasure of listening to a few other people at similar stages of development to me and heard them improve similarly (or even more than me). So again, if you’re a beginner, even just a few weeks in and playing only from sheet music…get yourself over there and start contributing and improving.

There’s even advice on offer of how to do the recording (basically my set up was a £5 mike off ebay and a free software download; no I’m not joking, that’s it (ok, the mike is standing on an empty ‘Celebrations’ tub if you want to be pedantic).

So, amongst many others… @Chris, @Colin the Bear , @Guenne, @ChillyMike, @Rob Pealing, @Alice, @Jeanette, @kevgermany, @Targa, @Veggie Dave, @rhysonsax , @trimmy, @jbtsax, @ac30kev, @saxyjt, @BigMartin, @nigeld, @U CAN CALL ME AL and @neone I’ve forgotten and @all other beginners who should come join us. It’s been one hell of a journey.

I at least, and I suspect others can now play the saxophone due to your efforts and encouragement. Thanks, and long may it continue.
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Like @Tiberius I owe a lot of thanks the better players in the Cafe. I was extremely reticent to post recordings , then I remembered that everybody was a beginner once and sounded like me ( i.e. a partially strangled Canada goose). Initially I posted in the beginners recordings section and received so much help and encouragement I got a little bolder and as a result learnt more. I have also learnt from the help given to other people. So I will echo both the thanks to all for the encouragement and teaching and the encouragement to post recordings
It is also fun listening to other people.
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