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Thanks Mike


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I can honestly say Colin, I have never heard Stardust played quite that way before.
Very refreshing I might add. Nice man, I'm sure when you programmed it and heard the playback
it brought a smile to your face. Listening to your rendition, it did for me!

Well done!

Colin the Bear

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Burnley bb9 9dn
It did bring a smile. It was something I did earlier as a solo recording. In my impatience to try this harmonising thingy I just grabbed the track to see if I could master the technicalities. I was pleasantly surprised how straight forward it was to do. I tried a third then a fourth and then this with a fifth, the most pleasing to my ears. It is a little odd in places but quite entertaining and worth a listen I thought.

I'm plotting and planning what to do next.

Wade Cornell

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New Zealand and Australia
Very amusing tweaked sound that somehow bends it into sounding almost like a synth. Used sparingly it could be interesting. I've also used other effects in Audacity that worked well (echo, wah wah), but also needed to be used sparingly.

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