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Thanks Earl.

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Some of us are grateful to Earl Scruggs, yes the banjo picker from "Hillbillies" who's death was reported today. Taught a lot of us about another banjo style and made 'grass popular for a while.

Disappointed by an early BBC News report stating that he had promoted the five string from a rhythm instrument to a lead. What rubbish, in Appalachian dance music, the banjo and fiddle played a unison melody part and of course in British Banjo Orchestras, the zither banjo, a small hooped 5 string variant, took the violin part. Lord Reith would not have been pleased with such misinformation.

Earl developed his style in what was probably the hardest band to belong to. When they hadn't any gigs, Bill Monroe insisted that all band members worked on his farm. Wonder what the MU would make of that today?

Bye Earl, you'll be eating Martha White's in perpetuity now.

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Aye another good'un bites the dust. Just heard the news.

It was hearing Earl on The Beverly Hillbillies theme tune that made me want to play banjo, but I couldn't get it right on my four string tenor no matter how hard I tried. 36 years on and succeeded in my quest when Sue bought me a "fiver" for my 50th.

Thanks to Bill for posting this I know most of you think we pickers are a bit inbred but we would like to say thanks to Earl for bringing "plunky" to a worldwide audience. (Retires to play mournful tunes).



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Out of Earl came Bela.

He did develop s style of banjo playing for sure,

Inspiration to thousands and enjoyed by millions. RIP
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