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I know that good customer service often goes unreported, so I'd like to make a point of my good experience with Hiscox Cases.

I have a Hiscox Pro tenor case that I bought new about 10 years ago. It was originally bought to hold my King Super 20, then a Mark VI, and now my Cannonball Vintage. It has been a great fit for all three tenors (one at a time :)). It's taken my saxophone du jour on multiple plane trips from the UK to the south of France, and also to New Zealand. It was compact enough to fit in the cabin on all occasions, although it had to go in with the pushchairs on Bombardier propellor planes (it's an easy fit in overhead storage on jet planes). It has even been in a car crash, when it was in the boot of my small Suzuki Swift hatchback the day a following Land Rover failed to stop behind me, and wrapped the back of my car around the case. Both saxophone and case were fine.

Enough about the case, I'd like to highlight the customer service from the company. A few years ago a spring on one of the catches broke. The catch would still open and close, it was just a bit more fiddly. I emailed Hiscox asking where I could get a matching catch (it was well out of warranty). They took my address and posted me a new catch, a set of pop rivets including a spare, and instructions explaining how to drill out the old rivets and replace the catch. They didn't ask for a receipt, they didn't ask where I'd bought the case or even if I was the original owner. They just sent a replacement, no questions asked.

A couple of weeks ago, another catch spring went. The case is now 10 years old. I emailed Hiscox again, asking if it would be possible to get a replacement, giving my address. Again, with no questions asked, I received a new catch, rivets (including spare) and instructions through my letterbox two days later.

Thank you Hiscox cases. :banana:


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The Hiscox guys have always been really good to deal with, as well as making spectacularly tough cases.


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Yes, very good cases. Easy to carry and good protection as well. But the sax cases are not available in Sweden. Just guitar cases. It's easy to buy on on-line from UK, but I want to see that the case is right for my saxes. All Martin Comm saxes fits. The New King (Keilwerht) is not so good. For a Yamaha 25 tenor I must use a sxophone neck plug or insert a pad saver. I bought mine secondhand from Griff.

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My main cello case is a Hiscox. They're solid and reliable, but a little heavy. Trouble is the carbon fibre ones are silly money

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