Thai prawn Curry


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I live in Exmouth Devon.

serves 4

bunch of fresh corriander
handfull of spring onions
4 cherry tomatoes
bag/tin beansprouts
Tablespoon red thai curry paste
2 tins coconut milk
desert spoon sweet chiili dipping sauce.
bag of large prawns 450g
2 packs of noodles - (amoy straight to wok)

place a wok on the gas/hob on a moderate heat, put the coconut milk in a wok add the curry paste,stir, cut the cherry tomatoes in half and add to the milk along with the desert spoon of sweet chilli dipping sauce, throw in the prawns and the noodles, chop the spring onions and corriander thow half in the wok along with the beansprouts. Heat through for 3 mins until prawns are cooked

for an added kick, add some chilli flakes.

serve in bowls with the remainder of the spring onions and corriander sprinkled on top.

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