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Tenor sax for sale - my Arta Guban!


Formerly saxgirl22
England, UK
Hi all,

Decided after two weeks to offer this sax up for sale. Purchased for a bit of fun in the band but after having a hols need to recover some cash!
It's a nice well built sax. I personally find the keywork a bit clumpy but I have small hands!
Sounds a nice sax - could benefit from a look over to make playing easier but it's an unusual sax that I don't see around often. Has signs of lacquer wear but to be expected as it's app. 30+ years old. Comes with a nice case.
Please get in touch if you're interested and I can provide detailed photos. I will also donate a percentage of the sale to the forum. Not looking for a huge amount but just covering my expenditure.
Will post anywhere in the UK but not overseas due to customs charges & post etc.
Thanks :)

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