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Tenor Sax case.

Nick Cook

Wokingham, Berks, UK
Having just got my Cannonball Tenor, I'm in need of a case for it. The one that came with it is a bit tatty with a pocket hanging off (I did know this when I bought it!).

I'd preferably like a rectangular one with space for crap (technical term).

Any one got one for sale? Or can recommend a good one from a retailer?


Nick - how would an original and immaculate Cannonball case do? It's a hard rectangular case in black mock-croc with brass corner protectors, about 3 years old. I've never used it as I had a Pro-tec from my old horn. I thought I might hang on to it if I ever sell my CB, but I can't really see that happening anytime soon. Bear in mind also that CBs have big bells and won't fit a standard tenor case. I could bring it most of the way as I am around the Reading area on the 25th June. PM me if you are interested.
Nice to meet you on Saturday Bill, shame we couldn't have a had a drink and a chat, but I was off to a birthday barbecue.

Thanks for the case - it looks great on the landing!!
Good to meet you too Nick - I was also off to a birthday bash......which went on till 5 in the morning. Then I had to drag myself up to a garden fete and play the bari for a sax ensemble yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness it's Monday - I can have a nice kip at work.....:)

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