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Reeds Tenor reed on bari mouthpiece


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This afternoon I put a Vandoren ZZ tenor reed on my Yanagisawa #5 bari mouthpiece.

Wow! Killer sound! :sax:

No idea why I never tried this before (*), and definitely not suitable for all settings, but it makes the middle and upper registers really powerful :)

Trade-off: the lower register loses some of the warmth that is so typical for the Martin sound.

(*) Actually I do know ... I lend my tenor sax to a friend, so I had those tenor reeds lying around.
A friend gave me a Berg Larsen bari piece that has been made to use tenor sax reeds. The numbers are 85 T with an 0 below and SMS also on the shank. The mouthpiece is made of rubber or plastic and has the long thin shape of metal. My friend didn't like the piece and I don't like it either. Both of us prefer the Selmer sound.

Oh well, after a few notes in our jazz quartet tonight, I already decided that the combination wasn't a good match :D
the smaller (width-wise) a reed is the higher it would sound on the same mouthpiece and the wider it is the warmer (which is something a lot of people do , playing a Baritone reed on tenor think of Rinus Groeneveld for example )


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