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Saxophones Tenor Purchase in Canada - Help me shop!


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Calgary, AB
Hello buffs! I'm in the market for a new tenor sax, but with a somewhat limited budget - $1600CAD, or about 1100 Euro.

I'd love some help in finding a worthy sax in my price range. The issue is that many of the eligible models aren't available in Canada as far as I can tell. So far, I've got this list of saxes that match my budget new:

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Deluxe TS-PD Tenor Saxophone - Bronze $1066.83 USD $1195.40 CAD

Jupiter JTS-587GL Tenor Saxophone $1268.18 AUS $1255.31 CAD

Kessler Custom Standard Series Tenor Sax $1139.00 USD $1276.27 CAD

Trevor James Horn Classic II, frosted black nickel $ 939.00 GBP $1695.44 CAD

I'm also open to previously loved horns, although around Calgary, Alberta the pickings are SLIM, and I can't afford more than another $100 for setup - not enough really, if things need tweaking.

So, that's the state of things.. I would be grateful for any additional info or prospects in this regard!
Well, that is a coincidence! It's out of my price range though, $1900USD is over $2100CAD, and that's without a setup.

That said, I may just contact the seller and try and make a deal! Can't hurt I suppose.
Well, that is a coincidence! It's out of my price range though, $1900USD is over $2100CAD, and that's without a setup.

That said, I may just contact the seller and try and make a deal! Can't hurt I suppose.

Sorry I didn't check the exchange rate, no harm in asking. You might be able to give it a try and find it's worth a bit extra :)

This sax is already setup. Just came out of my repairman's hand. There was a major maintenance done on it prior to my purchase in 2013. Most of the pads and corks are new (as of early 2013) and anything to do with alignment, action, etc. and even my repairman added a 2nd neck strap hook and palm key risers so the ergonomics are pretty decent compared to any other Super Dynaction. I will drop the price to $2000 CAD if picked locally. Still I have to pay 5% to Cafe Saxophone though.
Hrrm........ I have to say that's an amazing deal. An extra $400 is a lot of money for me at the moment though, as I'm a (proud!) new father.

I'll talk it over with my wife and see if we can't swing it.
As the owner of an SDA Alto, could I just say that compared to the models you have listed in your first post I would strongly suggest you FIND the extra money before trying out your fellow countryman's SDA Tenor. Whatever it takes, persuade your wife! Sell the baby if you have to!! Once you've tried it you may just have to have it!

I have owned BW AS-YD; Jupiter 567, and played TJ Classic II, and the SDA not only eclipses them by many multiples for sound, key work, ergonomics, playability and beauty, it is also an appreciating classic which will hold its value on resale, whereas any of the ones you list will lose 50% of their price as soon as you walk out of the shop, and then keep losing. So that's OVER $400 lost in a heartbeat!

Also, trying to find the "best" horn for you by buying new could well multiply these losses as you grow tired of a horn which might appear satisfactory in the beginning but which you grow tired of, and then go off to buy the next best thing. This is why I have never bought a new sax.

Have you tried any of the four you mention? What do you play at present?
I'd happily pick up a used horn for sure, it's more an issue of supply where I am. It's a desperately barren landscape for the used sax market.

The budget is rather firm sadly. I'm financing the tenor by selling a J-K ST-90 Bari. There's not a lot of wiggle room. A serious worry is I'll try something I can't afford, and be spoiled by it, hehe.
If you think about money loss on tax, with perhaps shipping and import charge for some of those options, you may be not far off loosing that extra 400 anyway. Also you think about it as investment. You can change your mind and end up with the same money or even more at any time, and the sax is not going to have worn out pivot screws, and perhaps some other issues rising from some of the Chinese or Taiwanese horns leading you to a repairman in one or two years. I could a bit more flexible with the price too. Think about it and let me know.
Absolutely agree with DavidUK. There is no substitute for quality! I would always stretch my budget, in fact I do all the time. Loan the extra money, it will pay for itself in the end through satisfaction, less maintenance, a greater consistency, classier sound and a classic to own!
Hi Lazz try Massullo music in Burnaby BC they were very good to deal with I bought a stunning tenor off them last year fully serviced ready to play out the box shipped to Scotland $250 fully insured packed really well would have no hesitations in dealing with them again.
I'd check out Long & McQuade and St. John's Music in Calgary. Their used instruments come with a warranty. L & McQ's warranty is extendable and covers everything. Their used equipment/instruments come with a standard ninety day warranty and you can extend it by one, two, three years at a time. Even if you dropped it down the stairs! Even covers regular maintenance.
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