tenor mouthpieces

As always a donation 5% if any sold here,
All come as is with no ligature and cap but if you need 1 then we can work something out and priced with shipping included and i accept paypal but you pay the small fee as i am paying shipping.

All are metal mouthpieces, slim profile to play and very popular...

T1...Dukoff 'Miami' super power chamber D6
A classic baffle chamber vintage era Miami made piece (more wanted than the modern remakes) funky great sound and lovely projection
-----> £175

T2...Dukoff 'Miami' super power chamber D8
As above, just slightly bigger opening
-----> £175

T3...Wolfe Tayne 9
a bit like a Berg Larsen, I really like this, played it with a 2.5 reed and it is so easy to play, it is a cheaper mouthpiece than the others but not a cheaper sound!
-----> £105

T4...Jody jazz DV 8*
Still has the protective blue plastic wrapped on it to help stop ligature sctratches, another great mouthpiece that is very versatile.
-----> £255

Pictures and soumd clips on request through private message/coversation


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