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Tenor Mouthpieces- Selmer Airflow, Berg Larsen.


Hi all,
For sale:
1, Selmer Airlfow D Lay (Photo's to follow)
Original model- probably 60's / 70's light teeth marks and some wear, ive sterilized it but may need another clean. With original lig and cap.
Asking £180 but open to offers (+£5 for next day P&P)- with 5% going to the forum.

2, Berg larsen Precision (Photo's to follow)
Similar age to Selmer- again with signs of wear. Needs a good clean- hasnt been used in about 5 years. Sadly without lig or cap.
Asking £130 but again (+£5 for next day P&P), open to offers- 5% going to the forum.

If you're interested in both make me a reasonable offer- im raising money for a Bass Clarinet (so lot's of money needed!)

UK Buyers- Mouthpieces are well packed in Box(es) and are posted next day.
International buyers- Email me location and I'll quote postage.

Many Thanks


Im not very technical! so please email me and ill send pic's of both.

Also- From looking at other examples- the berg larsen looks as though it has had some customisation in the chamber- as though a separate chamber as been carved- ive found it hard to photograph but this may be quite a rarity- or bad example!
The Larsen will need some good cleaning though.

If no interest over the next few days i'll have to put them up on the dreaded...Ebay!
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