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Tenor mouthpiece RPC rollover 110 red letters


Senior Member
For sale superb tenor RPC rollover 110 red letters mouthpiece, pretty good condition, almost like new.
Asking 220 euros, postage included to anywhere in the EU.

5% to Pete´s charity.


Is this the high baffle version?

Again for sale. Asked to Ron Coelho who made this mouthpiece, he said to me he made around one hundred red letters mouthpieces so they are not a lot of them in the market, and he said this one is a rollover baffle but a little longer than say an Otto Link... he said he has always tried to make mpc's that sound beautiful AND powerful.

New price 210 euros with postage to anywhere in the EU.
5% to Pete´s Charity
As long as it's not been altered, I'll throw in a curve ball if I may Jose?

I have a 115B blue letter (high baffle) that I have been thinking of selling. If this opens up the deal to more people I would gladly take Jose's red letter rollover and post mine to a UK buyer and have him/her pay you the 210 euros direct.
I would also pay 5% to the charity for the pleasure.

Just a thought at a weak moment so assuming Jose doesn't get a direct sale and agrees with my proposal its get me while you can folks!
Thank you for your offer Saxlicker but it´d be better for me a direct sale. Anyway... I´m not sure about selling these piece, sorry, is the second time I retire it from sale... I´m so impulsive sometimes for example when I think I need money to overhaul my baritone... but next day I try again these piece with a different reed ..... and I enjoyed it so that I prefer to keep it on my pocket and try it more... I bought it only one month before, together with an Aizen LS 8, at first I liked the Aizen so that I thought was not a good idea to spend so much money and I must sell this one... I still love the Aizen , and my RPC 115B too, but now I think it´s better for me to try more with these one before I decide, definitely..., to sell it.

Sorry, again is not for sale...
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