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I'm increasingly unimpressed by my tenor case and I'd like a hard flight-style replacement

Anyone have a particular favourite to recommend please?

Hiscox is by far the best that I have had or tried. Very strong, decent amount of room for bits and pieces, good catches, what more could you want ?


PS And British too !
Plus 1 for Hiscox. I have the Artist series case for my Yanagisawa tenor sax. It It has the thick leather handle and extra protection.

I'm also very unimpressed with my Yamaha Custom case for my 82z. On Friday I tripped on the step to my house causing me to lose my grip of the case and drop the sax about a foot from the ground. Although it was a major drop, its moved the body from the bell slightly, so its got to go in for a repair. I'm just wondering whether the same damage would have occurred if the sax was in the Hiscox case. Are the manufacturers cases less effective in protecting horns generally??
Depends on what you want it for. If I was going to be travelling, particuarly by air, with my Yani tenor I'd have a proper flight case made up. Might cost a few hundred quid but it'd be worth it. For what I actually do, where the sax never goes anywhere any more challenging than the boot of my car, I'll stick with the Yanagisawa case (which is actually pretty nice). The strongest case I have is one which came with a B & M Champion tenor. The case is as tanklike as the sax. The down side is that with the sax in, it weighs over 11kg.
Both my guitars live in Hiscox Liteflite Standard cases and have survived rattling around in the back of the van with heavy amp, metal cornered flightcases, stands etc without any problem. My sax will be in one too, eventually.
I have a Protec - wheeled version. I need the wheels as I have a 15 minute walk to public transport where I live.

Delighted with it. Takes sax, bell mike and cables, stand and would take a flute or clarinet. Bought through Amazon US and delivered to my door in Hong Kong in four days. US$200 including shipping - but of course we pay no customs duties here, which I imagine you would need to.
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My cello is in a Hiscox case and they are regarded as amongst the most robust. The carbon fibre cases are also strong and much lighter, but the Hiscox is £240 and carbon fibre STARTS at about £600 and most are £900 - £1,300+. Carbon fibre also marks very easily, which is not good when i tis so expensive.
Thanks one and all for your recommendations

Lots of positives for the more robust makes of case to be found in t'internet so I'll cogitate about which for the price suits my needs

Which reminds me...

You (no, not you Tom) didn't say what make of tenor it was. If it's a Keilwerth it may not fit in a Hiscox.

Selmer S80, 1984-ish

Yes I understand that Keilwerths are differently proportioned: Is there a good reason why they don't follow convention or is it a case of bigger has to be better? And while we're on the topic which dimension is different on a Keilwerth?

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