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Tenor from Dorset

Dr Smeg

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Bought a tenor in a junk shop in the seventies. Kept it in the loft for thirty years. Started to learn five years ago on alto and now have a John Packer curved soprano, a Trevor James signature alto, a Yamaha YTS 275 and the original junk shop tenor: a Lyrist. Yes a Lyrist: search the forums. It is now returned to playable condition. The alto and one of the tenors will have to go in due course.
I'm about grade 3 or 4 on tenor, struggling on sop and seem to have forgotten how to blow an alto due to lack of use.
I like be-bop and artists such as Coltrane. Even though he plays trumpet, my favourite is Miles Davis.
As I work to deadlines, my promise to post his in 2012 has been achieved by an hour.


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If you like Miles Davis then just get a trumpet - it always sounds better on the original instrument!

A Big Welcome to Cafe Sax from the Skabertawe Bebop/Ska Orchestra, down by yer in South Wales, mind!
We all hope that you have a good time here in 2013.


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Hi Doc and a smegging welcome. Have fun here a real friendly forum and loads of good advice. Regds. I still watch Red Dwarf repeats. N.
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