Tenor Blues Tribute


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Here's something I've been working on for a little while. As simple as it is I've really been working on getting better phrasing and swing down. A lot of listening to me just playing on a blues and tweaking it.

I ended up calling it a tribute because I play a few different heads of different Bb Blues tunes that I enjoy but the most notable one is of course Tenor Madness.
I did this to create some spaces in between soloing and to create different feels that I could launch from to fuel my solo. I also added a old style horn section to add to the flavor.

Let me know what you think. I had fun. Learned a lot. Now I gotta go back to practicing all my other stuff and try and steer clear of Bb for a while. I've just been finding recording very rewarding lately and feel pleased that there are enough folks who care to listen.

Starts off a little stocatto and stiff but it soon gets going and loosens up nicely. I tend to run out of ideas after a few choruses but you keep it going. Foot tapper. I like all the references you make. Nice retro sound you've captured too. Needs an ending.
Sean, the one thing that has always caught my ear when I listen to you, is the fact you never seem to run out of things to play.:thumb:

I hear a lot of old school in you. How you develop your lines and how they progress from the previous are from that era of tenor players.
Man, I could never do that for the life of me. I have a short term memory when I improvise.

Nice lines. I don't know, kind of like Willis Gator Jackson? Jackson could kick some ass. It seems like you're headed in that direction.

Well done!
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