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Tenor/Alto mix


My main horn is alto but have bought a tenor on Monday that I have been using during the week.

When I go back to my alto now it feels a lot easier to play and I feel I have loads more confidence with it.

Is this something others have observed?

David Hudson

Nick Cook

Hi Dave,

I bought a Tenor recently too, but I haven't touched my Alto since. Perhaps I should have a go!!!


Busking Oracle
I did the same, started on an alto then bought a tenor soon after. I haven't looked back and my musical involvement with bands has gone from strength to strength. When I return to the alto, I find it sounds so sweet and plays so easily that I wonder why I stick with the tenor (the tenor is an older horn, by 45 years) I suppose I find the tenor to be more versatile with the type of music I play with the band. I was surprised though, at how the alto felt after playing the tenor, could it be that because tenors a bigger and a little clumsy, making the alto feel just a little more natural in the hands?

Linky Lee

I too find the same thing.

I'm also aware of the fact that I have a slightly wider mouthpiece on the tenor relative to my alto. As well as this, I find the tenor needs a broader, deeper kind of air support (not more, it's very hard to describe) than the alto. Maybe this is contributes to the feeling?
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