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Saxophones Tenor all the way - anyone want to swap my Alto for a Tenor?

Jobylou, this must go in the yard sale.

One comment I'd make about the alto sound - I was having a simliar problem. Changing to the Morgan large chamber sorted most of it out. The rest was learning to blow with a very open throat/chest...
It does sound as if you've come to an important discovery and I wish you well with that. I love my alto and had to work to get the tenor to a level that I was happy with - thankfully now achieved, and I enjoy playing soprano, alto and tenor very much, indeed. We all have certain sounds that we aim at and it sounds like you may be clearer about your tenor sound than your alto sound, which is not uncommon.

If you already have a decent tenor why do you want another one? why not a soprano, for example, unless you are just happy with playing tenor.

Kind regards anyway!
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