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I finally got my wish and had the remainder of my teeth out,and all I can say is please look after your teeth.Playing the sax with denture fixative all over your reed makes the job so much harder,and sometimes the pain is difficult to stand.I could go back to the dentist,but I am unwilling to spend the cash.I'd rather buy another sax that I can't play properly.hahahah:)))
My wife had "dental" issues, give it time and your gums should toughen up, allowing you to play with comparative ease again!
Keep your chin up!
Ted Heath was a good trombonist with a superb tone. He used to take his dentures out to play and was better than ever. Different embouchure but same problems as unless you use an air cushion, the teeth support the lips.

Apologies for being serious.
You have my sympathy, stick with it, I hope you soon get used to it.

More trouble for me too, another one of mine fell out yesterday. It had been loose for a while, and I wrenched it eating a huge slab of fruit bread on Monday, and that did for it. Out it plopped while I was cleaning my teeth, I caught it in my hand and then it slithered down the plughole! So no tooth fairy for me!
Sorry to hear about your teeth
I`ve not been to dentist since 1984 and I only have Probs with the fangs that they tampered with prior to this.

I still do repairs myself. You can get everything you need from ebay>:)
Thanks to all for replying to my continued struggle with dentures.I seem to have the problem beaten-just put a lot less fixative on the B. things.
I sympathise too. But have you tried screwing them into your head? Once the bleeding stops they should be good and firm.
I'm glad to hear that it can be attempted with dentures :thumb: - its comforting to hear as one of my front teeth is a bit loose, has been for a couple of years, dentist says it will last me about another 10 years but I'm not so sure - sometimes its sore after a 2 hour playing stint! :shocked: :(

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