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Technology of the Saxophon


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Hi all,
I'm looking for sources of information e.g. books, mags, websites etc. thatcan give me details of Saxophone design, construction. All the really techiestuff from different reed types, mouth pieces, crooks bores, bells,shapes, sizes, materials etc. and their acoustic effects. Need this info for anOU module on the Technology of Music ( see its a great course but its not for the faint hearted
A good starting point is the UNSW site, which explains a lot of the theory of most instrument familes.

Cornelius Nederveen wrote a good book on the maths side for calculating pitch, tone hole positions/sizes and so on:

and the old favourite is Arthur Benade:

But neither say a lot about bores, bells and so on.

Mouthpieces - Theo Wanne has a 'universty' on his site and the mouthpitece museum has quite a lot of shots/examples.

And Ernest Ferron's The Saxophone is my voice (IMD 435) has a some good basics, including a good expose of the aspects of neck sizing. Difficult to find, but one source is music medic in the US. Published by International Music Diffusion, 24-26 rue Etex, 75018 PARIS.

Should get you going.... Especially if you follow the related links in Amazon.
Thank you all for this it has helped me get more than started on this project for my course
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