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Teac 144 PortaStudio - borrow or buy


Well-Known Member
Hi folks

It's a long shot, but does anyone have (or have access to) an original Teac 144 PortaStudio? I have some ancient tapes from my university days that I'd quite like to resurrect - only for sentimental/interest reasons, we were really bad!

Has to be this exact model, I think, as the tapes run at 2x the normal cassette speed, record all 4 tracks in one direction, and use Dolby noise reduction - later models all use dbx. I don't need recording ability, so a "not working" one in this respect would be fine, so long as playback works.

Will buy if the price is right, with 5% donation from me; or borrow, with a donation of some magnitude TBD - I dunno, £10 or so?


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