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Tarnish on bronze lacquered alto


Hi Guys it's me again.

I having trouble with my BW bronze alto tarnishing. I live in Cyprus where suprisingly it is quite humid. Every day my sax seems to look worse. For no apparent reason its seems to be tarnishing in fornt of my eyes. I happen to like the shiny new look of the bronze, yes I know a lot of you guys like the distressed look, but I would like to keep it shiny (especially when in comes to trade in- re-sale).

It looks like my saliva has stained the leading edge of the bell and just inside. There seems to be new areas everday that I discover.

Does anybody have any ideas how I deal with this. Would a lacquer polish, say from the like of Yamaha restore it.

Thanks for your help


Hi Bill

That doesn't sound right. Unless you've bought some unlacquered model, the BW bronze is supposed to be lacquered - I know my soprano one is. If it's lacquered and is tarnishing, then there's something wrong. I'd speak to the supplier if I were you.

Hello, I'm surprised too.
As Jon says it should be lacquered and therefore the metal should not be available for tarnishing.
Are you sure it is 'tarnish'?
Tarnish is usually found on bare metal and is caused by sulphur and other particles in the air.
I keep an old sock containing activated carbon in the cases of my silver plated saxophones to attract the sulphur, and keep the tarnish off the horns.

The humidity could be the problem.
Is your saxophone kept in it's case or open to the atmosphere?
Hi bill

Like everyone else I think it is unlikely that the the humidity should affect your sax so quickly or that it's your saliva in the area you say it is happening

Edges of metal are always problem area's when it comes to adhesion of paint and lacquers and I would think there may be a fault in the coating on your sax so like everybody I would say speak to whoever supplied the sax..john

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